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Sigma 170-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG

Sigma 170-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG lens
Sigma 170-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG lens

Imagine proiectată în mărime naturală

Obiectivele care creează imagini proiectate APS-C sunt dezvoltate pentru aparatele de fotografiat digitale. Ele nu pot fi folosite cu aparate care au senzor de imagine mai mare ca şi formatul APS-C. Aceste obiective nu sunt compatibile cu aparatele de fotografiat pe bază de film.


AF neultrasonic

Obiectivele cu mecanism de focalizare ultrasonică tind să fie mai silenţioase şi mai rapide decât cele cu focalizare tradiţională.


No stepping motor AF

Lenses with stepping motor focusing mechanism are better for contrast based focusing, and are quiter and faster than traditionally focusing lenses.


Cu o lentilă sau mai multe lentile cu dispersie joasă

Lentilele cu dispersie joasă ajută la reducerea aberaţiei cromatice.


Fără stabilizator de imagine

Stabilizarea imaginii ajută la reducerea neclarităţii cauzată de tremurul mâinii, în special la distanţă focală mare sau în situaţii de iluminaţie slabă. Stabilizarea imaginii poate avea un avantaj de la 1 la 3 trepte în comparaţie cu obiectivele nestabilizate, bazate pe regula reciprocă.


Montură metalica

Obiectivele ieftine de obicei sunt echipate cu montură din plastic, iar cele mai scumpe, obiective profesionale, cu montură din metal. În general monturele din metal sunt mai durabile, şi sunt mai rezistente la desele schimbări de obiective. Când un aparat de fotografiat este folosit îndeosebi cu un obiectiv, materialul monturii nu este aşa de important.


Focalizare internă

Pe durata focalizării lentilele cu focalizare internă nu-şi schimbă mărimea.


Lentilă frontală nu se roteşte

Lentilă frontală fixă nu se roteşte în timpul focusării şi/sau a zoom-ului. Aceasta permite fotografului folosirea parasolarului sub formă de petală. Lentilă frontală fixă uşurează folosirea filtrului de polarizare.


Fără retro filtru

Retro filtrele sunt utilizate la obiective cu lentile frontale cu diametru mare, sau la obiective superangulare, astfel nu se pot folosi filtre frontale. Retro filtrele se folosesc la obiective ultra superangulare sau la teleobiective cu distanţe focale marî.

Sigma 170-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG Specificaţie

Monturi disponibile Canon EF, Nikon F, Pentax K, Sony / Minolta A, Sigma
Aplicaţii Portret, Natură
Categorii Tele zoom
Stabilizator nu
Distanţa focală 170 - 500 mm (2,9× zoom)
Contrucţia obiectivuluj 13 elemente în 11 grupe
Unghi de deschidere 35mm: 14.5-5°
digital: 8.4-2.9°
Număr de lamele ale diafragmei 9
Apertura maximă larg: f/5 tele: f/6,3
Apertura minimă larg: f/32 tele: Datele nu sunt disponibile
Cea mai mică distanţă de focalizare marcată 300 cm
Mărire 0,17×
Mărime filtru 86 mm
Mărime ∅ 92.5 × 232 mm
Greutate 1345 g
Viteză AF Datele nu sunt disponibile
Sunet AF
Focalizare internă da
Zoom intern Datele nu sunt disponibile
Lentilă frontală fixă da
Tip montură metal
Rezistenţă la umiditate şi praf Datele nu sunt disponibile
Retro filtru nu
AF ultrasonic nu
Stepping motor AF nu
Imagine ciculară proiectată de mărime APS-C nu
Lentilă cu dispersie redusă da
Toc obiectiv Datele nu sunt disponibile
Husă obiectiv Datele nu sunt disponibile
Parasolar LH925-01
parasolar imprimabil
Adaptor trepied Datele nu sunt disponibile
Indisponibil da
Sigma 170-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG Specificaţie

Sigma 170-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG Teste

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Sigma 170-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG în ştiri

Sigma 170-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG Testul utilizatorului

Cele mai utile teste utilizatori de pe Amazon

Excellent Tele Zoom for the money

14 aprilie 2006

After reading many mixed reviews on the web, I wasn't too sure about the picture quality when I received it. But it turns out to be an excellent big zoom for the money. I have no other 500mm lenses for comparison. But the pictures I took in dark night outdoor (tripod) and some indoor shots (hand held with flash) on Canon Rebel XT turned out to be really sharp, comparing to shots I took with Canon 50mm/f1.4, Sigma 10-20mm, or Canon 70-200L/f4 under very similar conditions. Color is balanced and contrasty and details are superb! The weight is very reasonable. The collar is excellent. The AF works beautifully indoor in regular household light. Very fast and quiet, unlike anything I've read on the web ("noisy, slow, hunting"). In fact, my other two above mentioned Canon lenses seem to hunt more sometimes under the similar condition. This lens doesn't have zoom lock, so it does creep if not careful. But for about $500 less than the Bigma and tons less than similar Canon's, it's a very small price to pay indeed. The focus ring is kinda loose, but so is the Canon 50/f1.4. My Canon L and Sigma EX don't have this problem. You get what you paid for. The lens hood feels plastic, but reasonable. The collar is very solid and smooth. The carrying bag that comes with the lens is of reasonable quality but looks like it's not for serious outdoor abuse. As a amateur enthusiast, I am totally happy with it. 5 stars for the value/price ratio. I am waiting for my $80 Quantaray 2x Teleconverter to arrive to try it on this Sigma. Maybe this time I am really pushing my luck :) If you are on a budget and looking for a 500mm, This Sigma definitely worthes a closer look. Highly recommended.

Update: Nov 22, 2006:
I've been using this lens for little less than a year now. I still stand by my words above. Only the 2x converter is really pushing it - killed the AF and got a big drop in sharpness. Happy shooting!

Can't afford the Bigma? Buy this!

3 august 2006

Much has been written praising the Sigma 50-500mm zoom lens, often called the "Bigma." This lens is clearly its equal in everything but zoom range. I was very surprised when I purchased mine, used, and discovered that its sharpness was much better than I expected, and its autofocus speed every bit fast enough for challenging subjects like sports. The price I paid for this under-rated lens was about a third the price of a new Bigma, so I am extremely pleased with the bargain I got.

My only beef with this lens is the "zoom creep" that results when you tilt the camera/lens downwards. The smooth zooming action apparently results in zooming even when you don't want it to.

If you need a 500mm top end, and can live with a 170mm minimum zoom, this lens may be what you need. In my case, the 50mm short end of the Bigma wasn't wide enough, so I am happier with my 170mm-500mm zoom and a companion 18mm-200mm lens that together cover the full range I need.

This lens is available in a variety of mounts, including the Canon mount listed here, as well as fittings for Minolta and Nikon (my own choice.)

A great lens for the price.

9 iulie 2007

This is an extremely versatile lens capable of handling many different shooting situations. I have been using this lens for a couple years now and my only complaint is that there is no zoom lock so in between shots where the lens is pointed up at a fairly steep angle you will need to make sure that the zoom is still in it's intended position. I'ts not exactly a walk around lens because of it's size and weight. It is a good lens to have for shooting wild life or taking photos of the moon. I compared it to the Tokina 400mm lens. This lens was far superior to the Tokina. and as good as the Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Super Telephoto Lens. The only advantage is that the Canon had zoom lock.

This lens takes amazing photos. I am very happy with the quality of photos that I get, great color, sharpness and contrast. It comes with a tripod coller, a great carrying case and a hood.

I am very happy with this lens.

Great Performer

12 martie 2007

I own two lenses from Sigma, and I love them both. This ultra telephoto lens is possibly the best bang for your buck in the focal its focal range. If there is a better one in its class I've yet to see it. Manual Focus ring is well placed, easy access, we all like that, right? Sharpness has not been an issue for me at all; you will need a tripod in most situation, but you should be using one all the time, shame on you if you don't! jk, The only gripe I have with this lens is that it does not feature a "zoom lock" as this is a fairly heavy lens, creep can be an issue if you are carrying it around and not shoot. I highly recommend this lens. 5 stars no questions asked.

Great for sports

4 noiembrie 2007

I bought this lens to shoot pictures of my son's football games. It has been fantastic and very clear. Lens creep is an issue but not one that has really bothered me. The price on Amazon was great as I had priced it in NYC and most retailers wanted twice as much if not more.


10 aprilie 2007


Sigma 170-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG Fotografii mostre

Sigma 170-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG Accesorii

86 mm Filtre

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